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Pricing Policy for Students

Welcome to TeacherDadaPlus, a dynamic marketplace connecting learners with instructors from around the world. Our pricing policy is designed to ensure transparency, fairness, and value for both learners and instructors. Please review the details of our pricing policy outlined below:

1. Course Pricing:
- Instructors have the flexibility to set the prices for their courses based on factors such as course content, duration, expertise, and market demand.
- Course prices may vary depending on whether the course is recorded or live, the level of interactivity, and additional materials provided.

2. Pricing Structure:
- TeacherDadaPlus operates on a revenue-sharing model with instructors. When a course is sold, a percentage of the revenue goes to TeacherDadaPlus, and the remaining amount is paid to the instructor.
- The revenue-sharing percentage may vary based on the agreement between TeacherDadaPlus and the instructor.

3. Transparent Pricing:
- Course prices displayed on TeacherDadaPlus include all applicable taxes and fees. Learners will not encounter any hidden charges during the checkout process.
- Instructors are encouraged to provide clear and accurate descriptions of their courses, including any additional costs or materials required for participation.

4. Discounts and Promotions:
- TeacherDadaPlus may offer discounts or promotional codes on select courses from time to time. These discounts will be clearly communicated on the website.
- Instructors have the option to participate in promotional campaigns organized by TeacherDadaPlus, which may involve temporary price reductions or special offers.

5. Currency and Payment Methods:
- Courses on TeacherDadaPlus are priced in the currency of the learner's country or the currency selected during checkout.
- We accept a variety of payment methods to ensure convenience and accessibility for learners, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and other secure online payment options.

6. Pricing Changes:
- Instructors reserve the right to adjust the prices of their courses at any time. However, any price changes will not affect learners who have already purchased the course.
- TeacherDadaPlus may occasionally revise its pricing policy to adapt to market conditions or improve the platform's services.

7. Refunds and Pricing:
- Please refer to our Refund Policy for information regarding refunds for course purchases.

8. Contact Us:
- If you have any questions or concerns regarding our pricing policy, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@teacherdadaplus.com.

Last Updated: 07 March 2024

Thank you for choosing TeacherDadaPlus as your online learning platform. We are committed to providing a seamless and rewarding learning experience for all our users. Happy learning!