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Price Action Trading : Redefined

Take a step forward towards Learning GENUINE PRICE ACTION Trading STEP BY STEP and transform your trading journey towards LOGICAL PATH


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  • course Duration: 19 days (Avg)


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Course Description

Learn and understand markets in a systematic, Genuine, and in-depth manner - No Cheap Talks + No shortcuts 


Pure Price Action

Covers All  Aspects Of Intraday, Swing Trading &  Investing strategy

One-Stop Solution for all your needs (Intra/swing/options)

Refined Trading System as per Personality/Instrument

LifeLong Support System

Live Market Sessions (1 month included in Price)

Become an independent Trader (Get away from fake call givers/ fake analysts)

In addition to Trading Community

Regular Doubt solving  + Q&A sessions

Course Content

Foundation Sessions

1) Psychology Profiling (One-on-One)

  • Getting to know your journey till now as a TRADER
  • Understanding and aligning your Trading Goals and Personality

2) Good habits of the trader

  • To eliminate common Errors in market
  • Understanding the process of trading
  • Observing Key areas of Market

3) Identification of Real Vs Fake Breakout

  • Understanding the Meaning of Wide range candle in the market
  • Correlation of Sectors and Stocks
  • Introduction to Volume Spike to Identify Market traps

4) Understanding Market Structure

  • Understanding phases of market
  • learn insight into trend Trading
  • Basic insight into Analysing Multiple Timeframe

5) Identifying the right Opportunity in the market

  • Importance of PDH PDL Zones
  • Learn about shortened and longer Demand & Supply Zone
  • Basics about Gap Trading

6) Learn High Probability Trading Setup

  • Starting of Trading Price Action by Beginners to Intermediate traders
  • Learn the process of selecting rejecting TRADES

7) Know the Psychology behind Disciplined Trading Approach

  • Benefit of CALM and COMPOSED mind while trading
  • Comparison of Rule-Based approach for Long-Term gains vs Shortcuts for Shorter Term gains

8) Different types of Markets

  • Know different variations of markets - Sluggish, Volatile, and Impulsive markets
  • Understand NO-TRADING zones of markets

9) Importance of SSV

  • Go deeper inside the tri-meters of Price Action -- STRUCTURE, SPACE, AND VOLUME

10) Using naked Charts (No Indicators)

  • Avoid crowding your chart through multiple repetitive indicators 
  • Achieve efficient results through logical analysis of chart reading

Advanced Sessions

1) Multiple Timeframe Analysi

  • Know how to select timeframes for Intraday, Swing and Positional Trading
  • Analysis vs Execution Timeframe Difference
  • Insights into Price Action 3 important components -> STRUCTURE, SPACE, and VOLUME

2) Order Flow Analysis

  • Learn to identify the behavior of SMART MONEY
  • Know how to tackle IMPULSIVE MOVES of market
  • Get to know the TRAPS/REVERSALS before any Indicator 

3) Positional/Swing Trading System

  • Learn Swing Trading/Positional System to get an EDGE
  • Accuracy of System more than 80%
  • Know insights into Risk Management 

4) Intraday Entry Techniques

  • Learn 3 Entry techniques based on Trend Initiation, Trend Continuation, Reversal 
  • Know which Price Action Entry to focus on in Different Phases of Markets

5) Exhaustion Concept

  • Learn to identify how a TOP and BOTTOM in markets are formed
  • Insights into How a TREND gets EXHAUSTED
  • Aggressive Trading System for Advanced Traders 

6) Volume Analysis

  • Identification of CONGESTION ZONES (Resting Areas)
  • Differentiation between REAL/FAKE Breakouts ( Extension from Foundation) 
  • Learn to identify Anomalies in volume 

7) Identification of Institutional Activity

  • How Accumulation/Distribution concept works in a practical manner
  • Learn Different Phases of Trend

8) Live Market Hand-Holding ( 1 month included in Price)

  • Full-Day Live Market Trading Sessions (9:00 am to 3:30 pm) for 1-Month

9) Post-Session Support

  • Addition to 'KR FAMILY' community profile 
  • Discussion sessions to understand fine details of our TRADING APPROACH and identify mistakes made by you

What you'll learn

  • ONE-STOP SOLUTION for all your needs (Intra/swing/options)
  • Refined TRADING SYSTEM as per Personality/Instrument


  • Basic Idea about Share Market
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